Forgotten Landmark-Dixie Highway Marker, Meigs, GA

Marker is located at County Line Road and Dixie Highway in Meigs, Georgia.  This was the original route of U.S. Highway 19, which followed the earlier path of the western branch of the Dixie Highway.  The marker is similar to many along the route, designating the highway at each county line. This marker indicates the crossing of the boundary between Mitchell and Thomas Counties.



2 thoughts on “Forgotten Landmark-Dixie Highway Marker, Meigs, GA

  1. In about 1971 I was a member of the Y club in Pelham High School Mitchell County, in Georgia.
    I lived in Thomas County the South side of the marker.
    We painted the marker , looking back 51 years ago.

    1. Thank you for the visit to memory lane. I have spent a great deal of time in south Georgia since 1995, especially in the area around Albany and Thomasville. It is a lovely area.

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