Endangered Landmark-Greenwood House, Greensboro (AL)

Greenwood might be considered two houses in one.  When attorney Sydenham Moore built the present handsome Greek-Revival residence in 1856, he incorporated materials and decorative features from an even older dwelling — the original “Greenwood” from which the house takes its name.  This first Greenwood was the plantation home of Governor Israel Pickens, built on the prairies south of Greensboro.  Israel Pickens was the third governor of Alabama (1821-1825). In March of 2002, the house was severely damaged by a fire Link to Gadsden Times Article.  In 2009, the Alabama Historical Commission created a website to solicit offers for purchasing the house Link to Alabama Historical Commission.

Greenwood in 1978 (Alabama Historical Commission)
Greenwood facade in 2008
Greenwood in 2011 (Photo courtesy of Deep Fried Kudzu, http://www.deepfriedkudzu.com/2011/02/beautiful-homes-of-greensboro-alabama.html)


3 thoughts on “Endangered Landmark-Greenwood House, Greensboro (AL)

  1. 2022: What was the fate of the Sydenham Moore house, Greenwood? I’m a direct descendant but see nothing recent about the house…

      1. MANY, MANY thanks. These links are both extremely helpful. I so appreciate the time you’ve taken to research and share these.

        Best regards,

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