American Auto Trail-Gulf , Colorado & Santa Fe Railway (Brady to San Saba TX)

This travel route follows the tracks of an extension of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway from Brady to San Saba, Texas.

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Lulu Press

Camera: Sony Active Camera FDR-X3000

Vehicle: “Tempest” 2012 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen

Music Credits:

Forgiven Fate/Dan Lebowitz

In the Distance/Dan Lebowitz

Lazy Rock/Dan Lebowitz

Oceans, Rivers, Canyons/ELPHNT

Everything Where It Needs to Be/Nat Keefe and Hot Buttered Rum

Plenty Step/Freedom Trail Studio

Barton Springs/Bird Creek

Sunday Stroll/Huma-Huma

Turning Slowly/Ugonna Onyekwe

Ticker/Silent Partner

Pink Horizon/Chris Haugen

Down the Street Blues/Unicorn Heads

Way Out West/Chris Haugen

Twilight Train/Dan Lebowitz

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