American Auto Trail-National Old Trails Road/Route 66 (Kingman to Seligman AZ) Part 2

This is the second two-part video we have released.  Both parts explore the National Old Trails Road and Route 66 from Kingman to Seligman, Arizona. Part 2 of this video travels from Peach Springs to Seligman, Arizona.

For more of our American Auto Trails and Slow Travels guides, available in print or eBook format, use one of the links below:


Lulu Press

Camera: Sony Active Camera FDR-X3000

Vehicle: Avis Rental 2021 Ford Escape

Music Credits:

Part 2

Pure Magic/Chris Haugen

Oceans, Rivers, Canyons/ELPHNT

Everything Where It Needs to Be/Nat Keefe and Hot Buttered Rum

Distant Lands/Hanu Dixit

Turning Slowly/Ugonna Onyekwe

Large Smile Mood/Nico Staf

Town of 24 Bars/Unicorn Heads

Waiting/Andrew Langdon

Snowy Peaks pt I/Chris Haugen

Walking in the Sky/Nico Staf

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