Forgotten Landmarks–T.S. Haun House and First National Bank Building, Jetmore, KS

First National Bank Building (Main Street and Highway Street)

This structure was erected in 1888.  In 1892, P.A. Simmons was President and C.E. Wilson was Cashier.  The bank that that time had deposits in excess of $31,000.

T.S. Haun House (Main Street, on west side next to the First National Bank building at Highway Street)

In 1879, lawyer and rancher T.S. Haun constructed the first house on the Jetmore townsite. The T.S. Haun House is a vernacular two-story, hand-hewn limestone building with a simple gable roof. An upstairs office was used to establish the county’s first newspaper and leased by county commissioners for offices and a courtroom after Haun helped establish Jetmore as the county seat. In 1882, Haun surveyed and plotted Jetmore on land that was part of his original claim designating sites for the courthouse, school, and two churches. Haun also donated land to be auctioned to raise funds for the construction of the courthouse. In addition, Haun served a term as county attorney and was elected to the state legislature in 1887. [i]


[i] National and State Registers of Historic Places; Kansas Historical Society;

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