Forgotten Landmark-Herington Army Air Field, Delavan, KS

Site of Herrington Army Air Field (Herington Regional Airport, 2.7 miles north of U.S. 56 on S. 2600 Road)

Herington Army Air Field (AAF) was used during World War II by the Army Air Corps as a staging area for overseas deployment of heavy bombers and their crews. These bombers included B-17s, B-24S, and B-29s. Facilities at the field included runways, hangers, fuel storage tanks, barracks, administration buildings, and other related structures necessary for airfield operations. Construction started in 1942, and the field was completed over a 14 month period. In 1945, Herington AAF was deactivated and then declared surplus in 1946. All the property was eventually disposed of and became the Herington Municipal Airport. Today the former AAF serves as the Herington Regional Airport.

Delavan Air Base

Foundations of multiple structures are still evident to the left of the large aircraft apron and the runway.

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