Forgotten Landmark-Polley Mansion (Sutherland Springs, TX)

The Polley Mansion was erected in 1854 by Colonel Joseph H. Policy. This two-story cut stone house, showing semi-classical influence, was built by slave labor. Robert E.  Lee was often entertained here.
The mansion was located outside Sutherland Springs Park, a former health center, now a ghost town, which embraced hundreds of springs which included 27 varieties of hot and cold mineral waters.  A gaunt old hotel building was a week-end rendezvous for San Antonians in horse-and-buggy days. The resort declined when automobiles gave access to other more widely advertised places.
polley mansion early Polley Mansion

One thought on “Forgotten Landmark-Polley Mansion (Sutherland Springs, TX)

  1. Makes me so sad to see it going to ruin. I only wish I could restore it before it falls down. I remember seeing it as a little girl and always wanting to explore it. If only I could win the lottery.

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