New Release–Historical Cities/Quebec City, Canada

This edition of Caddo Publications USA’s Historical Cities series explores the grand city of Québec City, Québec.  Over 70 Historic Points of Interest are presented, along with reference maps and GPS coordinates for all listed sites.  This guide uses “Frank Carrel’s Guide to the City of Quebec: Descriptive and Illustrated”, published in 1907, as the stepping off point for this educational and entertaining journey into the history of Canada’s second oldest city.  The eloquent text of the Introductory and Quebec-Descriptive and Illustrative sections provide a strong welcome to travelers from any age, and the descriptive history is of the proper scale for the guide we strive to provide.

Now available at Lulu Press and for Amazon Kindle for $2.99.  Soon available in iBookstore, Nook Store, and other eBook retailers.

Quebec Cover Final

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