Forgotten Landmark-Glasgow Army Air Field, Glasgow (MT)

Remains of Glasgow Army Air Field (2.5 miles north on MT 24, 1.5 miles west on Lindell Road/Johnson Road)

Glasgow Army Air Field, also known as the Glasgow Satellite Airfield, was activated on November 10th, 1942. It was one of three satellite fields of Great Falls Army Air Base which accommodated a bombardment group.  Actual bombing and gunnery training was conducted at the airfield’s associated sites, Glasgow Pattern Bombing Range and the Glasgow Pattern Gunnery Range, though other training sites within the bombardment group were probably also used. The target-towing aircraft assigned to the Fort Peck Aerial Gunnery Range were also stationed at Glasgow. The last unit to complete training at Glasgow Satellite Field was the 614th Bombardment Squadron of the 401st Bombardment Group, which left for England in October of 1943. On December 1st, 1944, a German prisoner-of-war camp was established at the site. On July 15th, 1946, the Glasgow Army Air Field was classified surplus and it was subsequently transferred to the War Assets Administration in November of 1946.[i]

Many of the old runways and taxiways are still evident along the north side of the present Wokal Field.  The main runway still being used by the airport was constructed on the original built in 1942.

[i] SAC Bases: Glasgow Air Force Base;;


Glasgow Army Air Field

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