Forgotten Landmark-Providence & Stonington Railroad, East Greenwich (RI)

Providence & Stonington Railroad Bridge (King Street near Second Kent County Jail)

This landmark was built in 1837 when the Providence & Stonington Railroad was constructed. The town asked that the line be built along the waterfront to help improve commerce. The arched bridge over King Street was designed by Major William Gibbs MacNeill, uncle of the prolific American painter James MacNeill Whistler. The square openings on either side of the bridge are thought to have allowed gutters to run through, carrying large amounts of silt and rainwater that ran down King Street into East Greenwich Cove. This silt eventually filled the cove enough to close the area as a viable shipping port.[i]

Providence & Stonington Railroad Bridge
Photo accessed from Google Maps Street View on 9/30/2012

[i] Walking Guide-East Greenwich Chamber of Commerce;

One thought on “Forgotten Landmark-Providence & Stonington Railroad, East Greenwich (RI)

  1. Honestly I’ve been through these tunnels hundreds of times and really didn’t know how old they really were… miss playing pool in the aka… old pool hall in the early 70s. As well as the food served just next to these arches…

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