Historic Lodging in Wyoming (Elk Mountain Inn and Mountain View Hotel)

Elk Mountain
(102 E. Main Street, Elk Mountain, WY)

This hotel was constructed in 1905.  In 1880 a dance hall was built on the property. It became an informal social
center for the community and surrounding areas. Since the dance hall was the only community gathering place within a
50-mile radius, it became an important element of the town.  http://www.elkmountainhotel.com/index.html


Mountain View
(Snowy Range Road and Weber Creek Road, Centennial, WY)

The Mountain View Historic Hotel was built by the Isaac Van Horn-Fred Miller Syndicate as part of the grand plan for Centennial, which included a dance pavilion, a bank, a newspaper office and a polo grounds.  The original hotel was painted white with black trim and was built at a
cost of $8,000.  It boasted 20 guest rooms, dining room and a “most improved system of plumbing.”  The bathrooms, however, ended up in the
stables.  It opened in time for the much anticipated arrival of the Laramie Plains, Hahns Peak & Pacific Railroad on July 4th, 1907 and was dedicated in a “golden spike” ceremony.  http://www.themountainviewhotel.com/

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