Alliance of Historic Wyoming

The historic Gothberg Ranch was “unbarred” on Saturday, July 9!

AHW hosted a fabulous event at the Gothberg Ranch on July 9. Thanks to Susan Littlefield Haines for opening up her beautiful ranch to us and the over 75 people who came to visit this historic homestead. The weather was beautiful, the music was entertaining and the people were friendly. If you couldn’t attend, you can read more about it here and take a video tour with AHW’s Executive Director, Hilery Lindmier.

AHW hopes that this is the first of many “UNBARRED” events across the state. Seeing how private individuals have helped to preserve our state’s history is inspiring and gives all of us hope that our very special historic and cultural resources can be saved for future generations. AHW members will always be the first to know about these events and will be admitted free. So join AHW today to make sure that you can join us at next year’s “UNBARRED” event.

About AHW…

Today, change presses down on Wyoming from many directions. Our vast open spaces, cherished emigrant trails, indigenous sacred sites, rich cowboy culture, and a multitude of precious historic sites face tremendous challenges. Rampant mineral development, diminished access to public lands, and changes in land ownership patterns all contribute to the threats facing our historic and cultural resources. While most Wyomingites worry about conserving this rich heritage for future generations, many feel they lack the information and tools necessary to express their concerns effectively.

The Alliance for Historic Wyoming (AHW) was organized in 2005 to assist people in becoming better advocates for these irreplaceable historic and cultural resources. In 2010, we hired an Executive Director and implemented a membership program. AHW closely monitors activities by federal and state agencies that might have a negative impact on the history that is written on our landscape. By providing proactive information and action alert fact sheets, AHW educates people on how to become more effective citizen advocates for these resources.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming speaks out on behalf of preserving our cultural resources, especially those that are located on public lands. We work cooperatively with other state and regional nonprofits devoted to protecting a particular site, region, or type of resource. We rarely get involved in private property issues unless we are invited to do so by the landowner.

By signing up for our mailing list (below), you can be assured of receiving timely and important information to assist you in effectively expressing your concerns on projects and proposals that might result in damage to our irreplaceable resources. We use our mailing list sparingly, only sending out information only when an issue is ripe for comment. Please join our list so that you can stay informed of these potential threats. Become a member and enjoy even more benefits.

Together, we can preserve the remnants of Wyoming’s spectacular and fascinating past.

“…these old buildings do not belong to us only;
They have belonged to our forefathers,
And they will belong to our descendants unless we play them false.
They are not in any sense our property, to do as we like with.
We are only trustees for those that come after us.”
~ William Morris



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