Heritage Association of San Marcos-San Marcos, TX

The Heritage Association of San Marcos is a non-profit organization chartered in 1975. It
has had its own identity since 1977 following the cessation of the nation’s
Bicentennial, and has continued the projects set in place for the celebration.
San Marcos was among the first seven in the nation designated as a National
Bicentennial City.

The Association was founded to support the preservation of buildings and has
served to perpetuate traditions which beautify and enrich the cultural and
community life of this city.

The organization has become a catalyst for encouraging restoration of building
for private owners; has initiated protection for the natural environment, and
has consistently monitored protection of the San Marcos River’s water purity.

The accomplishment of achieving construction of the San Marcos River Walk
during the Bicentennial opened up the west bank of the river as a people place
and a thing of civic pride.

What we do:

  • Lead in preservation activities in
    San Marcos.
  • Make available historic tours at all times of the landmark
    historic districts conducted by knowlegeable docents at no fee.
  • Continue a popular tradition, luncheons in the historic Charles S. Cock
    House Museum each Friday served to the public. This has become very
    popular and draws in visitors from all over Central Texas.
  • On Texas Arbor Day in January, we
    honor a community leader whose death occurred during the previous year,
    with a tree planting and an historical plaque in the River Walk Memorial
  • On the first weekend in May
    (ongoing for 25 years) we produce the Tours of Distinction, a tour of historic
    homes and buildings in San Marcos. Departure point is the Charles S. Cock
    House Museum.

How to get in
touch with us:

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1806, San Marcos, Texas 78667-1806

Fax: (512) 393-3735

E-mail: frances76@centuryinter.net

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