Forgotten Landmark: William J. Lemp Brewing Company Plant, St. Louis (MO)

William J. Lemp Factory, Lemp Avenue and Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO (Pic from Bing Maps Birds Eye accessed 1/15/2011)

In 1864, William J. Lemp purchased a five block area around the storage house on 13th Street and Cherokee Street, and began construction of a complete new brewery. By putting the new facility over the storage caves, moving all the kegs by wagon from their Second Street brewery would no longer be necessary.  The limestone caves were used to control the temperature during the creation of the lager.

By the early 1870’s, Lemp’s Western Brewery was the largest brewery in St. Louis in a field of 30, with E. Anheuser & Company’s Bavarian Brewery coming in second. The brewery was the 19th largest in the country, producing 61,000 barrels in 1876.[i]

[i] Donald Roussin & Kevin Kious, “William J. Lemp Brewing Company: A Tale of Triumph and Tragedy in St. Louis, Missouri”; American Breweriana Journal, March and April, 1999.

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