2 thoughts on “Forgotten Landmark-Ballentine House, Pulaski (TN)

  1. I am grateful to Lost landmarks for their constant reminder of these great and wonderful places and their place in history .. but my question is – what do we do with the information – how can we get involved and save these places or buy them – thanks

    1. Francie,

      There are multiple reasons for creating these posts:

      1. Letting fans of history like yourself know of sites, structures, and landmarks that they might be driving by everyday, or maybe once during a road trip, which they might have an interest in.

      2. Increasing awareness of the landmarks among local citizens and authorities, hopefully by presenting increased traffic of interested individuals such as yourself.

      3. Creating a record of the landmark which is then added to our publications in a more permanent database.

      We encourage every citizen to express an interest in their local historic landmarks, and the best means to improve the chances of preservation is to join with a local historical society or organization. By volunteering and/or providing financial support, these organizations will have more resources to lobby for preservation or to maintain the site themselves.

      Thank you for your interest,
      Lyn Wilkerson
      Caddo Publications USA

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