Lost Landmark-Woodlawn/William Rodes House, Richmond (KY)

Woodlawn taken 1989 by Brenda York
Woodlawn (Before 2005) (Google Maps accessed 12/14/2010)

This residence was built in 1822 by General Green Clay for his daughter, the wife of Colonel William Rodes.  John Fox, Jr., wrote a description of this house in his novel Crittenden. Woodlawn was occupied by both Union and Confederate forces during the War Between the States. The house was dismantled in 2005 and removed from the county.

Woodlawn Site (After 2005) (Microsoft Bing Maps accessed 12/14/2010)

One thought on “Lost Landmark-Woodlawn/William Rodes House, Richmond (KY)

  1. This is where I grew up from 12 yrs old till 19 when I joined the Navy. What great memories I have of living there. I miss it.

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