Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation (CA)


It is the goal of the Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation to work together with the community to preserve and protect the Kuruvungna Springs (located on the University High School campus). This historic landmark is one of the last sacred sites of the Gabrielino Tongva People.

We invite you to participate in our activities and be part of preserving an important piece of the history of Los Angeles

The Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation is a non-profit organization established for the intent to preserve and protect the Kuruvungna Springs Site area.

The Foundation will be a community organization that will be involved in the education and preservation of cultural and historic resources of the springs.

We would like to see a cultural center that would house cultural and historical resources, act as a repository of artifacts, historical documents, oral histories, photo collections and other cultural and historical related resources directly associated with the history of the Gabrielino Tongva people.

We would like to see an ethno botanical garden that would not only be involved in the growing of native plants, but also the re-establishment of native plants that have been endangered (e.g. juncus, deer grass for traditional basket making.).

We would like outreach programs in which teachers educate school age children as well as the public about California Native American history.


Kuruvungna Springs,
University High School,
Los Angeles, California

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